Hi, my name is Alma Campos.


I work as a freelance writer, content editor, and WordPress manager.


Before I started freelancing, I wrote for local newspapers and magazines in Chicago. I also headed PR campaigns for a globally-affiliated Chicago nonprofit focused on empowering people with limited opportunities.


My need to be creative, mixed with my entrepreneurial spirit led me to create a unique freelance consultancy where I can work flexible hours, work with great people, and especially: not feel like I have to compromise my values. This also gives me time for personal projects.


Some of my clients are in higher education, health, wellness, arts & culture, and tech. I tend to be a good fit for web development studios, marketing boutiques, and creative agencies looking for an experienced writer that knows how to work with other creatives, and who is also comfortable meeting directly with clients. I also enjoy working with startups looking for direction with their content and management.


When I’m not working you’ll find me looking for new music, taking a walk, cuddling with my daughter and cat, or enjoying a conversation with a friend. I also moonlight as a reporter and write on a wide range of topics for online magazines ranging from arts and culture, parenting, and feminism. I’m also an advocate for mothers, immigrants, and children. I look forward to getting to know you and being part of your world.





Sometimes the greatest adventure is simply a conversation. – Amadeus Wolfe