How dating and websites are the same

You’re getting website visits, but no one comments, shares or subscribes to your website.

Why is that?

If visitors stumble upon your site, or are redirected there through a link on Facebook, and they don’t dig your super awesome site, they will likely go somewhere else in search for information. First impressions are everything. The first impression is nearly impossible to reverse or undo.

So what do you do?

Date your readers.

Sure, this sounds off. But, if you treat your readers like you would someone you have a mad crush on, then you have higher chances of making a lasting impression.

Here’s how to start:

1. Make your Website Look Amazing.

Your website should look great and make a good first impression. Your website should at first glance be easy to read. It should also be visually enticing. You don’t have to have the best web design for this. You can find many inexpensive WordPress themes or some for free to get your site looking amazing.

2. Be Warm and Friendly. 

Write friendly things and find common ground with readers. Use clear, and conversational language so that your readers can easily grasp your overall message. Use short, strong paragraphs and abstain from jargon. Don’t turn off your readers with vague language and words you don’t use in everyday speech.

3. Be Generous. Offer something valuable to your readers. You can give free consultation in exchange for a sign up to your newsletter. There are endless things you can give to your readers: a cheat sheet on a topic you’re an expert on,  a free 20-minute phone conversation about about helping them solve a a problem, a short 5-day email course, a 3-page guide.

4. Follow up. 

You have a new subscriber. This person signed up to your newsletter. What’s next?

It’s important that you stay in touch. So keep in touch with a weekly email, or by simply emailing them and asking what made them sign up. From there, you can learn how to help your readers.

What I’ve discovered about growing up in the digital era is that at the end of the day, we are humans behind these machines. You have to show people love. Appreciate them. Be generous to them. Take the time. It really pays off to try.

4 thoughts on “How dating and websites are the same”

  1. “Make plans.” That’s the hardest part for me. I know you’re right, but it’s so hard to commit. I love the idea of writing for money, but what if they expect me to work on a deadline. Cue the paper bag. I might hyperventilate. Ha! Thanks for the tips. I’m April. Nice to meet you. 🙂

  2. Hey there, April – nice to meet you as well. I’m not a fan of commitment either. It’s risky. I used to think: “What about if I put all my sweat and tears and fail?” Or worse, “What about if I succeed, and then realize it wasn’t what I expected (fear of success)?

    You gotta commit. Because the worse thing I can think of is looking back at life and thinking, “I should have taken that chance.” Commit because if not, then what else?

    Thanks visiting!

  3. This is super unique – I love it. I’ve never thought about my website content in this way but it’s definitely worth rethinking my approach. I think the most important thing is to have personality. No personality in your first date likely means no second date, right? Awesome post!

  4. Hi Eden! You nailed it. Personality connects and attracts. With out it, we wouldn’t even go into the next steps of any relationship. In this case, we would’t bother reading a website, and we’d exit it. Thanks for stopping by!

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