Mexican Moms Don’t Want Carne Asada for Mother’s Day, Just So You Know

But that’s just what we see from the outside.

Beneath the surface lives a woman who is always tired and never gets what she wants. Not even for Mother’s Day, according to La India Yurida.

“La Carne Asada!” which has over 8 million views on YouTube is the name of the brutally crushing mockery of Mexican moms and their husbands. Its premise is predicated on the fact that in the traditional Mexican family, Mother’s Day is a celebration organized and planned by, no one other than… moms.

La India Yurida, (born Perla Yuridia) is a fictional character that she herself portrays. She is dubbed as “100 percent feminist” and as a “protector of women.” The 33-year old stand up comic from Monterrey, Mexico tours across the U.S. entertaining thousands with anecdotes surrounding her life as busy mom and submissive, neglected wife using her platform to shed light on issues such as gender inequality, abuse, objectification of women, and alcoholism.

Two long braids on each side fall down her colorful folkloric dress. She dances, sings and speaks an exquisitely funny Mexican Northern accent.

Though hilarious, La India Yuridia wants to shed some truth.

Generally speaking, the men in the Mexican family are catered to, their clothes are laid out for them, they don’t help out around the house and all of their meals magically appeared before them—steaming hot—the minute they pull up a chair at the kitchen table.

La India Yuridia cleverly shows us that our Mexican moms don’t want carne asada, especially not on Mother’s Day. But beneath “La Carne Asada” is the message that mothers’s sole purpose is not that of servitude,  that neglect is not normal and that there is more to womanhood after motherhood.

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