About me


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I’m a writer and WordPress designer. Before freelancing, I wrote for local newspapers and magazines in Chicago. I also managed PR campaigns for a globally-affiliated nonprofit focused on empowering and organizing marginalized people.

My passion for storytelling and thirst for cultivating creativity has lead me to create a unique career path.  I love working with socially minded organizations on creative projects and helping businesses tell their unique stories. Some clients are in higher education, health, wellness, arts, culture, and tech.

I enjoy working with businesses and organizations that are just starting out and need help creating a website, marketing materials, and overall communications strategy. I’m also a good fit for creative agencies looking for an experienced writer that knows how to work with other creatives, and who is also awesome at working directly with clients.

I love dark roast coffee, nature walks, petting kittens and engrossing in fantasy books. I also moonlight as a reporter and write on a wide range of topics for online magazines ranging from arts and culture, parenting, and feminism.

Head over to this page and read more about what types of projects I can help you with.

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Sometimes the greatest adventure is simply a conversation. – Amadeus Wolfe